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After continuous mental abuse, I developed weird habits and saw things differently than I would have enjoyed in the past. Being in a relationship with someone who needs to be in control in every situation left me with the constant feeling of never being good enough. I wish I could be a better version of myself, but self-esteem issues always got in the way. 
Through the process, my images express the constant turmoil of never being able to speak my mind. Using heavy contrast for each photograph I intend for the mood to be enhanced. By creating a series of strictly black and white photographs I hope to depict the raw feeling that is left after bottling up all of your thoughts and aspirations. 
By creating this series, I hope to express a point of view that many cannot fully grasp. Since we thrive off seeing the physical scars rather than considering the mental ones, many overlook the long-lasting effects. Nine years ago, I was hypnotized by this facade that seemed too good to be true and all I have left are pieces of myself that I’m still trying to put back together. 

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