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How I got here.

My work features topics such as the suppression and silencing of the female voice, identity, adoption, custody battles and being a queer, single mother while creating a place for myself where all these identities intersect.  I compile media through photography, sound, installation, and textile; accumulating found objects such as party supplies, receipts and magazine clippings. Lately, I have been fixated on creating work regarding my three-hour commute back and forth to school while enduring an ongoing custody battle. By collecting data, I strive to use this information to not only further understand and categorize difficult situations but to also provide context for those who are willing to listen. 

By creating narratives while navigating different obstacles, I attempt to construct a space for myself and others; continuously reanalyzing past trauma and finding a way to exist after the removal from my biological parents at birth. Being branded as a societal outcast has made me view human closeness differently than many because I had never experienced a hereditary family relationship with anyone until the birth of my daughter. It all seems so foreign to me.  

I create a sense of importance by cultivating a voice to my work when I otherwise feel unheard, whether that be through communicating irony through dark humor or blunt heavy responses to highlight the weight and burden of undermined matriarchal labor.



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